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Tex-Energy Tex Pro Grip

The Texenergy Pro-Grip 4 is a power bank and grip for your GoPro action cam. It has been enhanced with a 4000mAh built-in battery that will help you triple the battery life of your GoPro. You attach the GoPro on top of the grip, the same way you would attach any other accessory. Connect the USB-C able to the GoPro. All GoPro cams since the GoPro HERO5 have been enhanced with this connection. Older models can, unfortunately, not be used with the Pro-Grip 4. Make sure you firmly press down the rubber seal to make it as waterproof as possible! If closed off properly this power bank has a rating of IP65 which means it can handle a shower or two. You cannot use it underwater!

At the end of the grip you will find an orange cap you can screw off to store your charging cable. You could also use this space to store your microSD cards. The cap, to which the wrist cord has been attached, can be removed to make room for the tripod adaptor.

Features & functions

Battery indicator no
Waterproof splash-proof
Cell type Li-ion
Flashlight No
Solar panel No
IP standard IP65: Dust and jet waterproof


5V USB output no
Waterproof up to 0 meter
max mA USB output 2000
Capacity 4000 mAh

Dimensions & weight

Weight 170 grams
Length 17.3 cm
Width 3.8 cm