Red RPC Cargo Point Type A

The cargo points are easy to attach to your board along with our cargo elastic to carry any extra gear whilst touring and exploring. We suggest using any PVC boat repair glue or the glue provided in your repair kit that comes with every board and we recommend following these gluing instructions:

1) Inflate the board to 15 psi (if the area is leaking then you should fully deflate the board)​

2) Clean the area to be glued, removing any excess glue, ideally with some acetone or nail polish remover (it works the same)​

3) Apply a layer of glue to both surfaces but don’t push them together yet​

4) Wait until the glue has dried (approx. 20mins depending on temperature)​

5) Now apply another layer of glue to both surfaces​

6) Now push the surfaces together making sure no air is trapped. You really need to push down hard onto the piece you are gluing. Pushing from the centre out to the edge. Ideally you need to push hard enough to squeeze glue out of the edge of the piece you are gluing. At the same time you need to heat the area up with a hairdryer to help the glue activate. ​

7) Keep applying force to the area to make sure all areas are well stuck down. You will need to work hard on the area for about 5 mins.​

8) Ideally place a heavy weight on the area for 8 hrs.

*We advise using protective wear such as gloves and goggles