Red Paddle Titan Pump Handle - Fine Thread (2017 onwards)

The Titan pump is designed for disassembly which facilitates replacing certain parts if necessary. This handle will fit the fine thread piston rods. To check which handle you need, please see image showing the coarse thread piston rod on the left and the fine thread on the right and then follow these steps to identify which type of threads your pump has:

1) Stand the pump on flat ground. Stand one foot on the base of the pump.

2) Pull the handle all the way up and place both hands on either piston rod.

3) Twist the rod clockwise to unscrew.

4) When you have unscrewed one piston, follow the same process for the other one but this time place one hand on the handle to stop it from twisting (If you can't unscrew one of them then marigold gloves can help with grip, or you may need a friend to assist).

5) The thread that is revealed at the end of the piston rods will be either coarse or fine thread. To be sure which handle you need, you can compare the piston threads you have with the image below.

6) To replace the handle just screw one piston at a time back into the handle, taking care not to cross the threads.

Here is our video on how to disassemble the Titan pump: