Red Paddle i-fin - Large

The RPC i-Fin - Large is intended for newer board models with a twin-fin set up.

This i-Fin is larger than the original i-Fin. The reason we changed to twin-fin is to make the board easier to pack away. The fin was then made larger to create a larger surface area in order to provide the same paddling experience.

Our i-Fin is designed to bend and flex which is a great advantage for a board that can be rolled up, transported or packed away.

The i-Fin can bend out of shape without this affecting the performance of the board and it should straighten itself gradually.

Sticking on an i-Fin:

Sticking an i-Fin to your board is simple. We recommend using any PVC boat repair glue or Henkle (Loctite) 401 which can be purchased widely online. Here are the gluing instructions we recommend following:

1) Inflate your board to 15 psi.
2) Clean the area to be glued - Ideally with some acetone.
3) Warm the fin with a hairdryer to make it more pliable (or leave them in the sun on a warm day)
4) Apply a layer of glue to both surfaces.
5) Now push the surfaces together making sure no air is trapped. You really need to push down hard onto the piece you are gluing. Pushing from the centre out to the edge. Ideally you need to push hard enough to squeeze a small amount of glue out of the edge of the piece you are gluing so using a metal spoon protect your thumbs and apply pressure is a good idea.
6) Keep applying force to the area to make sure all areas are well stuck down. You will need to work hard on the area for about 5 mins.
7) Ideally place a heavy weight on the area for 8 hrs.
8) Leave to dry for 24 hours before using.

Safety Note: We advise using protective wear such as gloves and goggles.