Red Paddle Handle - Vario Paddle Shafts (23mm)

Replacement T-grip handle suitable to fit a shaft diameter of 23mm.

Fitting techniques:

1. Quick fix - electrical tape

2. Secure fix - 5 minute epoxy (eg Araldite Rapid Adhesive)

3. Long-lasting fix - fit a rivet after gluing in place

Here are the gluing instructions we recommend following:

1) Roughen the surface that you will be gluing, this creates a better surface for bonding. To do this, use sandpaper on the parts that have detached. In this case, the parts are the inside of the paddle shaft and the handle shaft (make sure not to sand too much).

2) Once you have done this wipe both areas with a clean cloth to ensure it is free from contaminants.

3) Now you are ready to glue. The best glue to use for this situation is an epoxy resin.

4) When gluing, please follow the instructions supplied by the manufacturer and make sure that the T-piece lines up with the blade to fit in accurate position.