Red 9'6" Wild MSL Inflatable Paddle Board 2024

Designed for experienced river-riders, the 9'6" Wild inflatable paddleboard offers control and agility in full-on rapids. With its shorter length, this technical white-water board excels for advanced paddlers in graded river conditions. Pronounced nose rocker helps take drops, ride and punch through stoppers, break in and out of eddies, while 34" of width and 280L of volume provide a steady ride.

Constructed in our well-proven, ultra-durable MSL® drop-stitch material, the 9'6" Wild is resilient and reinforced enough to take all the knocks a river can throw at it. Deep-cut diamond EVA deckpad ensures sure-footed traction, combined with raised centre and rail risers for a solid stance.

Robust 4.6" twin US box river fins enhance tracking, drive, and manoeuvrability yet are short and flexible enough to avoid hang-ups. Five grab handles for reliable recovery plus easy put-ins, get-outs, and portages, while a high-traction cargo zone up front helps secure kit to the deck.


  • Solid: flat hull and 34" of width provide extreme stability.
  • Smooth: high sides and pronounced rocker help ride out the bumps.
  • Sure-footed: includes an extended high-traction deckpad with raised kick-tail.
  • Secure: five grab handles offer easy portage and control in rapid currents.
  • Robust: ultra-durable MSL® construction for longevity, underlined with a 5-year warranty.


Board Length 9'6" 
Board Thickness 5.9" / 150mm
Board Volume 280L
Board Weight 10.85kg / 23.92lb
Board Width 34" / 864mm
Bag Size 960mm (h) x 390mm (w) x 360mm (d)
Bag Volume 134L
Fins 4.6" Flexi Fin (x2)