Red 12'0" Voyager Hybrid Tough MSL Inflatable Paddle Board Package 2023

The 12'0" Voyager MSL has been designed with a petite paddler or more experienced paddler in mind. It still packs plenty of volume allowing you to carry more kit for your adventures.

Showcasing new styling with mountain accents, the V-hull and twin fin set up gives almost laser guided tracking, allowing for less paddle stroke adjustments to maintain a straight course and makes it easier to cover distances. The Red Paddle Co Voyager range is designed for longer journeys when you are carrying more kit and weight. Although less manoeuvrable than the Sport boards, you can effortlessly cruise along canals and rivers for long periods of time.

Being one of the first inflatable paddle board companies in the industry, we have been developing boards and materials for over 14 years. This development has led to our exclusive MSL material made from specially produced, high density drop stitch giving a stronger and stiffer core. The MSL technology allows us to make a thinner board which gives us best in class control and handling.

The patented RSS batten system adds 30% more stiffness than other boards of this size. Underneath the board are two removable US box fins. This system is the most widely used in the board sport industry, allowing for easy removal and replacement when necessary. By having two shorter fins rather than one longer fin, you'll be able to get into much shallower waters, opening up a wider variety of waterways to paddle.