Red 10'8" Ride MSL Inflatable Paddle board Package 2023

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  • Ideal for larger paddlers new to paddling or those who want an all-round board with plenty of stability
  • Also great for carrying a passenger on-board, the 10’8” Ride MSL paddle board has a recommended max rider weight of over 110kg/243lbs+
  • The 34" width and round nose profile gives increased stability and a smooth ride
  • Indestructible fins and ultra-durable MSL material make it great for families
  • A coiled leash and paddle are included to complete the package, choose from Hybrid Tough paddle (most durable) or Prime paddle (most lightweight)
  • Finishing touches such as 3 comfortable grip carry handles, adjustable cargo system and sleek high traction deck pad come pre-installed

For an inflatable paddle board that offers super stability and performance, look no further than our 10'8″ Ride MSL. You'll appreciate the extra stability that comes from its high volume, especially if you this is your first board, you are a slightly larger rider or have a passenger on board.

Being one of the first inflatable paddle board companies in the industry, we have been developing boards and materials for over 14 years. This has led to our MSL material made from exclusively produced, high density drop stitch giving a stronger and stiffer core. The MSL technology allows us to make a thinner board which gives us best in class stiffness and handling.

At 22% thinner than the average board, the 10'8" Ride MSL is Perfect for any rider looking for extra stability. It's ideal for those who want to carry a small passenger or furry friend on-board!

   Board Dimensions

Length 329cm (10’8”)

The 10'8" length makes it quick to paddle and the extra volume makes it easier for heavier riders or for those who want to carry small passengers

Width 86.4cm (34”)

The width and round nose profile of the 10'8" Ride MSL helps give paddlers confidence and stability

Thickness 12cm (4.7”)

At 22% thinner than the average board, it gives paddlers a lower centre of gravity. This adds stability, control and reduces the surface that is exposed to wind and choppy waters

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