RED 10'2" Ride MSL Inflatable Paddleboard Package

The new 10'2" Ride inflatable paddleboard is a super-versatile all-rounder for lightweight paddlers – and budding SUPsurfers. Sharing the fun-loving character and style of our award-winning Rides, this narrower 29" board is even more agile than its siblings. Quicker to inflate and more manageable for smaller beginners, improvers, and wave-hungry intermediates.

Equally comfortable in all conditions, from flat to choppy water and even surf, the rounded nose and tail make it stable and manoeuvrable while our high-density MSL® drop-stitch ensures solid durability. At just 4" thick, it sits low to the water, improving balance and reducing the impact of any wind. Yet with our patented Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) battens, this 182L volume board stays impressively rigid.

The 10'2" Ride is finished with plush embossed deckpad, virtually indestructible twin iFins, three super-soft carry handles, and extra-wide luggage straps. It comes complete with everything you need to get started, backed with a 5-year warranty.

ATB Board Bag.

Our ATB inflatable paddle board backpack has a large 134 litre internal capacity with plenty of room for kit.

The storage compartment means the ATB is great for those looking to use the bag during a variety of activities.

This backpack is even more comfortable to carry with the addition of adjustable ergonomic support for your back and shoulders.

Paddles now comfortably pack away to the velcro securing system and the blade is safely stored in the interior blade pocket. A large outer zip pocket means any essentials can be quickly stored and are easily accessible at any point. can be packed securely away and easily accessible


Board packages come complete with a choice of paddle – or if you prefer, you can choose to go without. Ideal for newer paddlers, the Hybrid Tough paddle combines a durable nylon blade with a lighter 50% carbon hybrid shaft for an easier stroke. 

For those prioritising performance, the Prime is a powerful, lightweight paddle with a 100% forged carbon shaft and blade.

Twin iFin.

Two super-durable, flexible iFins are permanently attached to the 10'6" Ride for minimal hassle. Our iFins can take a beating and are easy to reshape if they get bent. 

Twin-fins paddle straighter and faster than a three-fin set-up, they also improve agility and performance in the surf. Most importantly they make the board simpler to pack down than a single fin: no need for tools, spares or replacements.

Titan II Pump.

Widely acclaimed as the best manual SUP pump on the market, our Titan II ensures you’ll spend less time pumping and more time paddling. 

Its ergonomic design maximises ease and efficiency – pumping air at over 60mph in dual chamber mode. Then simply switch to single chamber to reach full pressure. 

The redesigned airbox integrates the gauge and hose outlet for hassle-free pumping. Sleek in-line cylinders, removable

8ft Coiled Leash.

Our Coiled SUP Leash is made for all flat-water paddlers and racers. When paddling it sits on the board to minimise drag, so it won’t catch on anything in the water. 

The 7mm dual cord leash features double pivot points to reduce twisting, attached via a comfortable neoprene ankle cuff with a quick-release Velcro closure and built-in key pouch. Supplied with a rope loop for securing the rail saver to a D-ring or any other leash point.

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