Rab Shell Wash and Proofer Twin Pack (225ml/3 washes)

Revitalize your shell items and restore a waterproof finish. This three-use twin pack includes our specially formulated waterproof shell wash and performance proofer.

Give your gear a complete refresh with a wash and reproof. Neutralise odours, boost breathability and restore water repellence to all your waterproof and water-resistant items, and ultimately increase the lifespan of your gear.

Washing a garment removes contaminants, dirt, salts, and bacteria, which can all reduce the performance of a technical garment and break down fabrics prematurely. After extensive use most waterproof or water-resistant gear will lose its factory applied DWR (durable water repellent) coating due to abrasion. This allows the outer fabric to soak up moisture more easily, affecting breathability and adding unnecessary weight to a garment. Pour performance proofer is designed in conjunction with Storm® to restore the DWR coating on your garment leaving a patented, abrasion resistant, PFC-free finish.

This gentle cleaner and wash-in performance proofer combo can be used in your washing machine or for handwashing.