Red 12'0" Voyager MSL Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Shaped for smaller paddlers who value speed and manoeuvrability but don’t want to compromise on practicalities, the 12'0" Voyager inflatable paddleboard is a sleek expedition board. A game-changer for shorter, lighter tourers, it’s also an appealing option for advanced mid-to-heavyweights seeking a faster, more responsive, yet comfortable board.

At 12' long with an ample 285L of volume, this 12'0" Voyager happily carries plenty of weight with front and rear cargo points, although its reduced dimensions make it easier to handle than its bigger Voyager siblings. Its unique V-Hull and twin-fin setup offer a locked-in ride in all water states as well as superior straight-line tracking. This, combined with a narrower 28" planshape, means covering longer distances takes less effort.

Built in Red’s exclusive, high-density MSL® material, our patented RSS battens further improve rigidity. An elongated central handle makes portaging easier while our new removable side handles can provide more clear deck space, allowing for a wider stance.