Red Prime Tough Adjustable SUP Paddle (Leverlock) (Blue)

The Prime Tough Adjustable SUP paddle has been designed with adventure in mind, the high performance shaft paired with the ultra durable blade ensures weight to increase efficiency but is durable when taking into more rugged environments.

A Bungee Connection System is designed to keep blade and mid section tethered together for convenience and easy set up. It’s straightforward and makes our three piece paddles even easier to assemble.

Prime paddle is manufactured from forged carbon fibre. The fibers contain intertwined and folded sheets of carbon atoms aligned with the length of the fiber, and the intertwining improves the fiber strength.

Interference Fit Hardware means all paddles are now composed of non-glued components meaning every piece of your paddle is both replaceable and recyclable.

Even though the Leverlock® mechanism lets you quickly change the height, it feels like a fixed paddle. There are no sharp edges and the low profile design fits comfortably in the palm of your hand thanks to the ergonomic integration of the smooth lever into the handle.