Red Midi Carbon 50 Nylon Adjustable SUP Paddle (Cam Lock) - Vario

The Midi Carbon 50, which bridges the gap between our Kiddy and Full-Size paddles, has been specifically designed to accommodate for shorter riders: With an adjustable length range of 160cm-200cm, this paddle offers a tailored solution for riders of varying heights.

The teardrop-shaped blade is made of a highly durable plastic and its medium size helps to reduce impact on the body, so you can paddle further, for longer. The natural flex of the shaft offers a gentler energy transfer, enabling you to reach a greater stroke cadence, and the ergonomic, smooth-finish T-Grip handle has been crafted to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, ensuring a comfortable and secure, non-slip grip for optimal control and manoeuvrability.

The Vario (2 piece) paddle features an anti-twist cam-lock adjustment, enabling the paddle's length to be adapted as the rider grows or be shared amongst family members.