Red 8'10" Compact MSL PACT Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Designed for competent SUPsurfers wanting performance and convenience, the 8'10" Compact inflatable paddleboard is the latest addition to our tight-packing range. We haven’t compromised, with a full-on performance paddlesurfing shape – an ultra-portable, inflatable surfSUP for worldwide waveriding missions.

Constructed in our exclusive PACT™ technology, the 8'10" Compact folds and rolls down into the world’s most portable paddleboarding package. Yet when inflated, this test-winning waveboard revolutionises inflatable SUPsurfing.

At 29" wide, it’s perfect for catching waves and making snappy turns in surf. A wider front-end profile helps punch out over white water and boosts rider confidence. Rigidity is provided by super-stiff MSL® construction with quad stringers, reinforced by RSS battens, allowing just 4" of thickness for control on the waveface.

A removable handle offers an uncluttered deck while a traction zoned deckpad provides optimum grip. The 8'10" package includes a five-piece carbon paddle, Titan II pump, and straight surf leash in our 75L Compact Backpack.


  • Surf specialist: designed for capable SUPsurfers. 
  • Ultra-portable: PACT™ technology folds and rolls down to the world’s smallest paddleboard package. 
  • Agile: 29" wide, perfect for catching waves and making snappy turns. 
  • Balanced: wider front-end improves stability. 
  • Super-stiff: MSL® construction reinforced with RSS battens provide unmatched rigidity at just 4" thick. 
  • Unobstructed: removable centre handle provides a clear deck. 
  • Grippy: high-quality deckpad with variable traction zones keeps you in touch. 
  • Complete package: includes five-piece carbon paddle, Titan II pump, straight surf leash and twin Click Fins in our smallest 75L Compact Backpack.


Board Length 8'10" 
Board Thickness 4" / 100mm
Board Volume 152L
Board Weight 7.7kg / 16.98lb
Board Width 29" / 737mm
Bag Size 560mm (h) x 420mm (w) x 320mm (d)
Bag Volume 75L
Fins Twin Click Fin
Paddle Options 5 Piece Paddle
Complete Package Weight 15.3kg / 33.73lb