Travel Safe Mosquito Net - Tropical

This multifunctional one person mosquito net Travelsafe is designed for the traveler who does not know in advance where and how he will pass the night. The mosquito net is provided with a reinforcement strip at the bottom so that it can be properly pulled under the mat or mattress. Thanks to the various suspension points, you can hang the mosquito net with the supplied mounting brackets and rope in three different ways. This mosquito net is tropical-proof, lightweight and has a very small pack size, making it ideal for countries with an increased risk of malaria and dengue.

TravelSafe offers a complete range of mosquito nets and has an appropriate mosquito net for every traveler. For traveling to a tropical area you should choose a tropical net, a basic one when travelling in Europe and a net with extra fine mesh when travelling to areas where you will find midges (Scandinavia/Scotland).
All TravelSafe mosquito nets meet the highest quality standards , such as fully closed, special high density mesh and some styles even have a special ‘’tuck-in’’ mesh part. The unique color coding system makes choosing the right mosquito net for you very easy.  The nets packed in the orange carry bags are made for use in tropical areas.

Dimensions:  225 x 120 x 150 cm
Weight:          395 g
Material:        Polyester / Mesh
Persons:         1
Density :        225 holes / inch²