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Steripen Quantum Rapid Purification

The SteriPEN Quantum Rapid Purification System supercharges SteriPEN’s UV purification process, enabling the treatment of large volumes of water in a fraction of the time it takes bulkier, more expensive systems to do the same.  RapidUV technology sets a new standard for speed, purifying water at a rate of 40 seconds a liter!

RapidUV technology works by combining category leading SteriPEN Ultraviolet technology and a uniquely designed RapidUV Reservoir to significantly shorten purification times, enabling the purification of up to 4 liters of water in as little as 150 seconds.

The Quantum Rapid Purification System offers purification, filtration and water storage providing the best high volume water treatment solution for groups, outdoor recreation, or in emergency situations.

The complete system features a SteriPEN Quantum UV purifier, RapidUV 4 liter Reservoir, a 40 micron FitsAll filter and a 1 liter collapsible filling vessel.

The rapid purification of large volumes of water can be done in three easy steps:

1. Insert FitsAll Filter & Filter Cartridge. Fill reservoir with 4 Litres of water.
2. Insert Quantum into filter cup. Insert both as one unit into purification port. Click activation.
3. Remove filter & Quantum as one unit, recap, dispense or drink from pour spout.

After treatment, use the RapidUV™ 4 liter Reservoir to store clean water or use convenient handles to transport and dispense clean water. The Quantum™ UV Purifier is able to treat up to 12,000 liters of water when used with the RapidUV™ Reservoir and operates on four AA batteries (not included).

SteriPEN Quantum Rapid Purification System includes:

  • Quantum™ Ultraviolet Water Purifier
  • 4 liter RapidUV™ Reservoir
  • 40 micron FitsAll Filter™
  • 1 liter filling / measuring cup

SteriPEN Quantum Rapid Purification System Specifications:

Weight: 178g
Pen Dimensions: 18.6 cm x 4.3 cm x 4.3