Nordisk Titanium Nail 8g


Ultra light, robust and handy titanium nail
The 8g titanium nail is a great combination of strength and pack-size, making it a great choice when packing light. The minimalistic design ensures a highly functional peg, that works well in both soft and hard soil. The nail shape is, however, especially well-suited for areas where there are limited possibilities for traditional pegging, such as rocky or stony areas or areas with extremely hard soils. The very sturdy material and construction allows you to hammer the nail into place, and the guy rope makes it easy to drag the peg back up.

Light and small titanium peg
Ultra small pack size
Engineered nail construction
Smooth penetration into most soils
Ultra lightweight design
Ideal for use in rocky grounds
Titanium for lightweight strength
Cord loop for easy identification and pull
Quick and easy clean
Set of 2 pegs

Length : 155 mm
Pieces in set : 2
Weight : 8 g

Collections: Tent Accessories

Type: Tent Accessories