Nordisk Aluminium Y-Peg (6pc)


Very sturdy Y-shaped and non-rotating peg
The aluminium Y-peg is a super strong peg suitable for loose soil, where it offers a stronger hold due to the non-rotating construction. The Y-shape design improves the grip and makes this peg even more stable, withstanding strong winds and tough conditions. The Y-peg works in a wide range of soils and the guy rope attachment option allows for an easy pull. It is equipped with a barbed top for better guy rope hold, and the bright yellow colour makes it very visible, so you don't leave it behind.

Sturdy Y-shaped construction
Non-rotating design
Works well in most types of soil
Firm grip in loose soil
Extremely durable aluminium
Guy rope attachment for easy pull
Y-shape construction for firm grip
Large surface area for optimal hold
Easy visible colour
Set of 6 pegs

Length : 180 mm
Pieces in set : 6
Weight : 13 g
Pack sack
Type : Nordisk zipped pack sack

Collections: Tent Accessories

Type: Tent Accessories