Micropur Forte MF 1000F (100ml)

Ideal for caravans, motorhomes and camper trailers, Katadyn Micropur Forte MF 1000F is a super simple way to disinfect and preserve larger volumes of drinking water.

This 100ml bottle of liquid disinfectant works rapidly and will prepare 1000 litres of tap water for safe drinking. The active ingredients of sodium hypochlorite 19.5mg/g and silver 0.82 mg/g are effective against microorganisms in 30-minutes and keeps treated water protected from recontamination for up to 6 months. Guided by a dosage of 10ml per 100 litres of water, half fill your tank from your water source, add MF 1000F and then immediately fill the remainder of your tank.

Being able to purify contaminated water is essential for any traveller, so make sure you’re prepared with a bottle of Katadyn Micropur Forte MF 1000F on your next adventure.

Ideal for caravan water tanks
100ml liquid
Disinfects and preserves drinking water
Effective on larger volumes
1 x 100ml bottle will treat 1000L
Dosage: 10ml/100L
Preserves water for up to 6 months
2-year shelf life
Technology: Sodium Hypochlorite and Silver
Packed Dimensions:4L x 4W x 12H cm
Capacity:1000 L | Dosage 1 ml/10 L
Effective Against:Protozoa | Bacteria | Viruses
Treatment Time:Viruses & Bacteria 30 mins | Cysts 120 mins
Weight:0.14 Kg | 100 ml