LMF Spork Titanium (incl kit)



Ultimate Spork Kit - 1xSpork titanium - 1x Spork orginal - 1x Spork case - 1x Spork cleaner

Our spoon-fork-knife combo brings a bit of civilization to the wild and a bit of the wild to civilization. Designed especially for Light My Fire by Scandinavian designer Joachim Nordwall. The Spork is perfect for your backpack, boat, picnic basket, lunchbox, purse or briefcase.

The Spork Titanium brings the aerospace toughness and lightness of titanium to your next outing regardless if it's at the top of Everest or the top of your street.

* Polished surface means no metallic taste.
* Dishwasher safe.
* Non-corrosive, non-magnetic.
* Hypoallergic
* 20g

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Type: Cookware