Gear Aid Tenacious Tape™ Flex Patches 7.6 x 12.7cm

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Make heavy-duty repairs on vinyl, inflatables and plastic. Includes two 7.5cm x 12.7cm TPU patches that stretch and resist punctures.

Tenacious Tape Flex Patches are for heavy duty, permanent repairs that need to flex. Made of strong TPU tape, it won’t puncture or peel and is resistant to abrasions – making it ideal for pathing up holes on vinyl furniture and inflatables. Offering maximum hold, the clear, waterproof tape forms an impermeable seal that flexes with the material. 

  • Stretches – Incredible elasticity for repairs that flex with fabric; includes two 7.5cm x12.7cm  patches
  • Powerful – Strong adhesive provides maximum hold; clear tape is also puncture-resistant
  • Peel & Stick – No sewing skills or heat required; simply remove backing and apply
  • Waterproof – Creates an airtight seal/patch that won’t peel off even when wet
  • Multipurpose – Sticks to almost any surface including inflatables, vinyl, nylon, metal, or plastic