Gear Aid Seam Grip + FC™ Tent Seam Sealant 59ml

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GearAid - Seam Grip + FC™ Tent Seam Sealant 

Waterproof up to 20 meters of seams on tents and rainflys. Water-based formula is flexible, cures quickly and dries clear.

Seam Grip + FC™ Tent Seam Sealant seals and waterproofs seams on all kinds of gear. Perfect for family-sized tents, tarps and pop-ups. Just apply a thin film to the inside seams and let dry.

Don’t let rain make you miserable on your next outdoor adventure. Seal and waterproof tent seams with Seam Grip + FC™ Tent Seam Sealant—the quick, permanent solution to a soggy problem.

  • Water-based urethane seam sealer
  • Easily floats over large surfaces with unique applicator brush
  • Ideal for sealing seams on polyurethane coated fabrics - tents, tarps, rainwear and more
  • Fast drying formula dries clear
  • Flexible, odorless and long-lasting formula
  • Nearly invisible non-gloss finish
  • 2 oz. tube seals seams about 288" in a 1/2" bead - on average this is the critical seams on an average 3-4 person tent
  • Perfect for family-sized tents
  • Cures in 2 hours at room temperature, longer if colder
  • Made in USA